Windows Server License Agreement

ii. If you run all authorized instances at the same time, the server software instance that is running in the physical environment of the operating system can only be used: 7. DATA STORAGE TECHNOLOGY. The server software may contain a data storage technology called Windows Internal Database. The components of the server software use this technology to store data. You cannot use this technology or otherwise access it under this contract. · LICENSE IN TIME. The evaluation license you have for the software expires after 180 days. If the software is not allowed, you are not allowed to use the software after the time allowed for evaluation. [1] CAL is required for any user or device that accesses a server.

For more information, see the rights to use the products. Subject to the above sentence, the manufacturer or installer or Microsoft is solely liable for minor negligence if the manufacturer or installer or Microsoft violates the essential contractual obligations whose performance facilitates the proper execution of this agreement, the violation of which compromises the purpose of this agreement and of which a party can consistently rely on compliance (“cardinal obligations”). In other cases of minor negligence, the manufacturer or installer or Microsoft is not responsible for minor negligence. With the exception of repairs, repairs or refunds that Microsoft may make, you cannot recover damages or other corrective actions, including loss of earnings or direct, consecutive, indirect or accidental damage, as part of this restricted warranty, as part of another part of this Agreement or according to a theory. Injury exclusions and repair restrictions in this agreement apply even if repairs, repairs or refunds do not fully compensate you for losses, if Microsoft was aware of or should have known of the possibility of injury, or if the remedy does not meet its essential purpose. Some states and countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of secondary, consecutive or other damages, so these restrictions or exclusions may not apply to you. If your local law allows you to recover damages from Microsoft when this agreement does not, you will not be able to recover more than you paid for the software (or up to $50 if you purchased the software for free). · Additional software that can only be used with server software. 20.

FULL AGREEMENT. This agreement (including the warranty below) and the conditions for supplements, updates and internet services and support services that you use are the whole agreement for software and support services. · Until the configuration is corrected, the software can be run for 21 calendar days before stopping. During this 21-day period, you can make the necessary corrections to your configuration in order to meet these licensing conditions. · All licensed servers to run the server software instances; i. Licensing requirements. Server software licenses, both for standard editing and Datacenter edition, are based on: (a) the number of physical nuclei in physical hardware; (b) the number of devices and users accessing instances of certain versions of server software (CALs); and (c) access the functionality of the server software.

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