Musique de nuit

Playlist #19: Plénitudes.

“Je ne puis concevoir qu’un homme vraiment heureux puisse jamais songer à l’art. Vivre vraiment, c’est avoir la plénitude. Est-ce que l’art est autre chose qu’un aveu de notre impuissance ?” (Richard Wagner)

Playlist #9 : Nightmusic.

Perfect sounds before falling into night’s darkness. (Selection from my dedicated Tumblr, (trying to) deliver one track per night, at midnight).

Playlist #8: Classy Classical.

There is classical music. And there is classical music which, in a glance, gives a definition of elegance, goes to the brain and shocks to the heart.
Here’s a personal-based sample of this rare kind of brilliant tunes (mainly piano-based but not only).