Playlist #12: The Storm Is Coming.

You cannot escape it.

Taken on a stormy day at the Bodie Historic State Park.

  1. Martin Grech – Erosion & Regeneration
  2. Holden – Self-Playing Schmaltz
  3. Millimetrik – Les Protagonistes du Rien (Port-Royal Remix)
  4. Sebastian Plano – All Given To Machinery
  5. Sylvain Chauveau – Je Me Suis Bâti Sur Une Colonne Absente
  6. Port-Royal – Leitmotiv/Glasnost
  7. City & Colour – Northern Wind (Maor Levi’s Private Remix)
  8. d_rradio – Long Way Home (Port-Royal Remix)
  9. Bas Van Huizen – Plooibaars
  10. Anne Clark – I Of The Storm
  11. Brian Eno – Invisible
  12. Absent Without Leave – Winter Is Coming playlist 1 dancing playlist 2 ten fingers playlist 3 just calm yourself playlist 4 cover playlist 5 la playlist 6 unfinished playlist 7 Down on Earth, I pointed to the playlist 8 classy classical playlist 10 stupid sirens of the past nike samothrace winged victory playlist 11 explore the emptinessTaken on a stormy day at the Bodie Historic State playlist 14 playlist 15 winter plénitudes playlist

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